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Was ist bitcoin trader

BITCOIN-TRADER APP IS SIMPLY A LEAD IN / TRAP JUST TO GET YOU TO SUBSCRIBE TO A FEW SPECIFIC TRADING PLATFORMS. AS A TRADING ROBOT IT IS PRETTY POOR. Aug 11,  · Der Artikel selbst ist optisch dem Stil einer bekannten Tageszeitung wie BILD, Spiegel oder Kronen Zeitung nachempfunden. Der gesamte Artikel ist ein Pitch zu einer "automatisierten Bitcoin-Trading-Software", welche es angeblich auch Privatnutzern ermöglicht, hohe Gewinne zu erzielen. Bitcoin Trader ist laut ihrer Website ein völlig kostenloser Handelsroboter, der bei Ein- und Auszahlungen keine Gebühren erhebt. Es ist jedoch wahrscheinlich, dass Ihnen bei Ein- oder Auszahlungen je nach der von Ihnen gewählten Zahlungsart einige Kosten entstehen. Kundendienst/5.

Was ist bitcoin trader

Bitcoin Trader Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

So funktioniert der automatisierte Handel. Allerdings erfordert der automatisierte Handel mit Hilfe des Handelsroboters deutlich weniger Zeitaufwand. Bitcoin Trader Fake? Die Software nutzt ausgereifte Algorithmen.

Wie die Algorithmen genau funktionieren, bleibt das Geheimnis der Entwickler. Die Genauigkeit liegt bei mehr als 99,4 Prozent. Erzielte Gewinne sollten umgehend auf das angegebene Referenzkonto ausbezahlt werden. Hier ist es also leicht nachvollziehbar, dass die Entwickler der Plattform stets daran interessiert sind, die Anwendung weiter zu verbessern und zu optimieren.

Wenn Anleger den Bot also nicht richtig einsetzen, hat Bitcoin Trader weitaus weniger davon. Bei erzielten Gewinnen zieht das System automatisch 5 Prozent ab. Innerhalb von 24 Stunden ist der angewiesene Betrag auf dem Referenzkonto gut geschrieben. Da die Entwickler der Plattform erst dann Geld verdienen, wenn Anleger Gewinne erzielen, kann darauf vertraut werden, dass sich Bitcoin Trader auch in Zukunft stetig weiterentwickelt und verbessert.

I gave them my number trough the website and every single day, many times a day i get called up by some hindu guy calling himself my saviour. Every time i tell him i do not want to speak and hang up. As soon as I get a call I hang up and block the number only to get another 1 mins later from a different number they call very late at night early in the morning even on a sun.

I would change my number but it is a work number so not a good idea. If I was an elderly person or a vulnerable one it would cause so much distress. Shame on this company. I told everyone over a year ago, this was a Ponzi scam company. These criminals are Blue Trading reincarnated after they stole millions of the gullible sheeple. I will say it again. These are scammers. How much more evidence do you need. Google scam adviser. Stop being gullible losers.

They are not worth anything. Instead Www. Stay clear, or you will lose money as I have. This app is just an opportunity for scammers to latch onto you and suck your money away. If you get sucked in thinking your money is making loads on the stockmarket usually though their own platform, see if you can withdraw any of it, before you get in to deep.

Bitcoin trader should be held responsible for allowing this type of scam, why on earth this app is endorsed by people like Bear Grylls Richard Branson and a few others is beyond me. Don't trust them!! There are hundreds of customers scammed by them! Stay away! I registered and created an account via Bitcoin-Trader. My experience is as follows: One you create an account in the web app, it then requires you to open a Contract-for-difference or spreadbetting trading account with one of its nominated platforms.

Then once you start to set up the account and a customer service rep of the platform will phone you to help set thie account up and make the deposit - all very friendly and helpful. The account manager will call many times telling you that the robot Bitcoin-Trader is useless which it is actually and asking you to deposit much much more and also insisting that the only way you can make decent money is to give him total discretionary management to operate the acount on your behalf.

At that point, the Bitcoin-Trader app was disabled on my acount without referal to me. I also did some due dilligence on the trading platform to which I was subscribed via Bitcoin-Trader app.

Much play is made on the website about being "EU Licenced" - which is rubbish - there is no such thing. The only EU legislation on crypto trading is AML anti-money laundering legislation and in particular AML5, passed in , which required individual EU member states to require crypto trading platforms working or selling in their national jurisdiction to have proper "know your customer" processes.

But NONE of this offers ANY security to account holders about the security of their money or the commercial practices of the account managers. It's a window-dressing spoof. The Hong Kong based platform company that Bitcoin-Trader passed me through to, has a shell company registerd in Estonia so that it can claim to be "EU icensed". Similar goes for their alleged membership of "The Financial Commission" www.

Sounds great by its title - but read on And the service is NOT independent because it is paid for - like insurance - by premiums paid by the platforms and if you read the fine print on the platform and in Finacom, you'll be able easily to deduce that it's more about protecting the platforms from claims than giving any assurance at all to the retail customers.

Leaving all the above distateful aspects aside - the app itself doesn't work properly anyway. Plus I'm pretty sure all those endorsing this company are well.. But something's fishy bout those positive "samey" reviews.. Overview Reviews About. See business transparency.

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Bitcoin Trader Erfahrungen & Test - Funktioniert es wirklich? Table of Contents

BITCOIN-TRADER APP IS SIMPLY A LEAD IN / TRAP JUST TO GET YOU TO SUBSCRIBE TO A FEW SPECIFIC TRADING PLATFORMS. AS A TRADING ROBOT IT IS PRETTY POOR. Was ist Bitcoin CFD Trading? Um mit dem Handel von den Kryptowährungen Geld zu verdienen, muss eine CFD gekauft werden. Die Abkürzung steht für „Contract For Difference“ und ermöglicht es, Geld auf das Steigen oder Fallen der Kurse von Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoins oder auch Ethereum zu sich der Kurs in der vorgegebenen Zeit wie besagt entwickeln, erhalten die Trader. Dec 16,  · Above $20, Bitcoin Trading To An All Time High The new high for the cryptocurrency was reached after it jumped % to move as high as $20, Updated: December 16, PM IST. Tags:Paano mag trade sa bitcoin, Safeoffer bitcoin trader, Btc trade chart, Sec suspends trading of bitcoin stock, Liberty btc system erfahrung

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