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Top bitcoin traders twitter

The latest tweets from @TradetheMatrix1. Dec 27,  · Bitcoin figures are not shy about about sharing their opinions. Here are 19 of our favorite crypto sources from Twitter. The latest tweets from @TopTradersADVFN.

Top bitcoin traders twitter

The 20 Best Traders to Follow on Crypto Twitter | Blocks Decoded

He is active on Twitter, regularly posting market opinions, news, and the latest goings-on from his company. Using on-chain investor activity, which gives a read of where this may go; LTC is already very bullish, while BTC is still consolidating around an early bullish swing. Willy Woo is famed name in the crypto sector.

He is famed for his market analysis. He was responsible for creating the Bitcoin NVT Ratio, one of the most used fundamental indicators for crypto trading. He is another must-follow if you want to hear about the latest industry events as they happen. If you want an entertaining mix of analysis, opinion, and educational content, follow our very own Twitter account right now.

Know any other good ones? Share your favorite crypto Twitter accounts in the comments. And make sure you check out our other article about the best crypto traders on Twitter.

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Your email address will not be published. Share Tweet. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to check out today. Andreas Antonopoulos: aantonop If you've ever learned about, participated, used or benefited from Bitcoin in any way, please donate to Andreas M.

CoinTelegraph: Cointelegraph CoinTelegraph is one of the best sources on the web for the latest crypto news from across the industry. Philakone: PhilakoneCrypto Another popular trader, Philakone is committed to helping his fans enjoy the same level of success in the markets that he has achieved.

Vitalik Buterin: VitalikButerin This is important to highlight. Laura Shin: laurashin On Unchained, cryptocoley discusses how Binance US differs from Binance, what's on Catherine's wish list to regulators, whether Binance US will be cut off from the global, open financial system Binance is building and whether BNB could be a security.

Joseph Young: iamjosephyoung There is a lecture about crypto mostly bitcoin and Libra, Facebook and Twitter and how money is becoming digitalized on KBS, the national broadcaster of Korea, at prime time. Riccardo Spagni: fluffypony Ricardo Spagni is one of only two Monero developers who have revealed their true identity. Crypto de Medici: cryptodemedici Make sure the alts you buy in the upcoming dump are the ones whales still hold.

Many of these alts will likely just be pumped and dumped. Some whales are just increasing their holdings for the eventual future real pump. Tim Copeland: timccopeland Binance is more important than Coinbase?

Willy Woo: woonomic Using on-chain investor activity, which gives a read of where this may go; LTC is already very bullish, while BTC is still consolidating around an early bullish swing. Comments Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You may also like. By iB June 5, Bitcoin What Is Cryptocurrency? Recent Posts. June 5, What Is Blockchain? He has been featured on Forbes, CoinDesk, and Cointelegraph. Perhaps most notable for his ongoing live trading challenge to turn 0.

He is one of the platforms all-time top-ranked traders. If you can look past the pink and purple color scheme, Goomba is worth a follow. He openly admits that he was a beginner when he joined crypto Twitter in , so his successes can prove to be inspirational for fellow newcomers. A retest of 8. A quick consolidation on and above that area could be followed by a definitive break out of the flag, next res.

He offers sharp insight and a regular running commentary on his successes and failures. It publishes several tweets per day, discussing signals and market moves in real-time. No trader is correct percent of the time. If you blindly follow their suggestions, it is a surefire way to lose money. Make sure you always do your own research before committing to a trade. Oh, and you should never join a paid signals group , either. To learn more about how to trade crypto, make sure you check out our other articles on the best YouTube channels to learn how to trade crypto and our top tips for new crypto traders and investors.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly speculative. Nothing is guaranteed in cryptocurrency. Always perform your own research before investing and never commit more money than you are comfortable losing. We earn commission if you purchase items using an affiliate link. We only recommend products we trust. See our affiliate disclosure. Your email address will not be published. Share Tweet. Keep reading to discover the 20 best crypto trading accounts on Twitter today.

Philakone PhilakoneCrypto Good morning baby whales. If you want to keep an eye on small- and micro-cap coins, his account is a must-follow. Most of his tweets focus on technical analysis and reporting market moves. Mayne Tradermayne Mayne provides technical analysis, insight into the trading decisions his been making, and market predictions based on price action. You can expect plenty of charts, price analysis, and market speculation. Chart 1 The original break of one cycle that gave us the target Chart 2 Our destined Target Chart 3 The Aftermath look Chart 4 A current view of the original cycle we probably want to hold this level pic.

Anderson TrueCrypto28 October 30, Mr. Number of Twitter Followers : 81, Strength : Nate is one of the most reliable day traders on the stock market. And he stays in the trenches day in and day out to bring home the stock bacon. Nate is proud of his powerful gaming computers which he loves to trade with. Most Shocking Story about Nathan Michaud : Nate runs Investors Underground, one of the best day trading chat rooms on the stock market.

Dekmar Trades. Twitter Handle : DekmarTrades. Number of Twitter Followers : 24, Strength : If you are looking for the most reliable premarket newsletter on the stock market, Dekmar is the trader to follow on Twitter.

Every trading day. In addition, during regular trading hours, Dekmar tweets in real time to alert the biggest movers and shakers in the world of penny stocks. Dekmar is a long-biased day trader. Weakness: He hardly shows his profit and loss in public. Most Shocking Story about Dekmar Trades: Dekmar offers 2 weeks free trial for his day trading chat room. In addition, he delivers live commentary to guide day traders in his chat room. The Day Trade. Twitter Handle : d4ytrad3. Strength : The Day Trade is another morning star in stock trading.

He gets up as early as am and begins alerting right away. If any stock spikes or plunges , The Day Trade will alert it in real time. Bet on it. Weakness : He hardly shows his profit and loss in public. Open Outcrier. Twitter Handle : OpenOutcrier. Number of Twitter Followers : 27, Nobody provides more breaking news on stocks than him. He is another morning star who alerts movers in the early am.

When it comes to breaking news on stocks, options, and geopolitics , Open Outcrier is the most respected and dominant trader on the stock market. Easily, one of the most reliable day traders on the stock market. Weakness : None. Tim Sykes. Twitter Handle : timothysykes. Number of Twitter Followers : , Strength : Tim Sykes. Yes, Tim Sykes. Tim Sykes is the James Bond of day trading.

He loves to day trade on his hi-tech, high-speed laptop computers. The ultimate superstar on Wall Street; the flagship of penny stock trading. When it comes to penny stocks, nobody comes close. How do you know? He has nearly two times more followers and videos than the closest competitor.

Weakness : The only reason I did not pick Tim Sykes as the 1 Trader to follow on Twitter is because he does not alert that much in real time. Of course, he tweets probably more than any trader, but traders want real time alerts on the biggest penny stock movers of the day. Tim Sykes has probably the biggest and best day trading chat room on the stock market. He has already minted at least two penny stock millionaire traders through his millionaire challenge trading course.

His charity is building schools in Asia. Tim Sykes is the most flamboyant and most passionate day trader in the world.

Now you have it! These traders above are amazing young traders who have defied incredible odds and made it big on Wall St. One secret I found during my research for this article. All these top day traders make tons of money on the stock market because they use the best laptop computers to day trade!

No matter your trading or investing style, you can learn one or two lessons from these great traders. You better join one of them in their chat rooms.

25 Cryptocurrency Traders and Analysts to Follow on Twitter Free Report Reveals

The latest tweets from @TradetheMatrix1. Dec 09,  · Strength: Luke is one of the most dominant and experienced day traders on Twitter. He runs one of the best stock trading chat rooms on Wall Street. He tweets almost non-stop from the opening bell to closing bell. Very few stock traders tweet as many times as Luke tweets. The latest tweets from @TopTradersADVFN. Tags:Bitcoin trading portal, Automatisierten bitcoin-trading-plattform bitcoin code, Top uk bitcoin brokers, Is bitcoin going to hit the stock market, Bitcoin buy sell platform

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