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Litecoin btc trading view

TradingView UK. Interactive financial charts for analysis and generating trading ideas on TradingView! Expect Bitcoin to retest the previous ATH. $18, seems to be a number that keeps coming up in my analysis, so I’ll throw that number out there just to see who gets angry with that. This will run in line with the XRP/BTC chart as well as with XRP. BTC may still drive higher in the mean time, but either way, a swift backtest is coming. Litecoin has rallied to a new yearly high over the weekend, with the LTCUSD pair following Bitcoin higher, and breaking above the $ level. Higher time frame analysis shows that a huge bullish reversal pattern will form if the LTCUSD pair reaches the $ level.

Litecoin btc trading view

BTC — TradingView

I believe we'll begin to see a significant pullback here now, which will result in the strengthening of the altcoins in Q1 Inversely i've linked a chart to Altcoin dominance below which has just seen a third touch on a long term monthly trend line which gives me added confluence for Anyone that bought the dip on Alts, very ballsy! Hat's off to you if it work out.

Finger Crossed. D Index Chart. Videos only. Top authors: BTC. Bitcoin Dominance. All I want for Christmas is Bitcoin!

Altcoins season!!!!!!! In this scenario, Bitcoin may have topped for the year. What do yall think? Let me know how likely it is for Bitcoin to hit this kind of price action Happy Holidays!!! Hello everyone In my previous analysis even though I am bearish in bigger picture.. However in 1 hour time frame we could have a breakout that could lead to a new high Price stuck inside a triangle.. Price broken triangle but need to close above green line and same time Green line need to hold as support..

However XRP should stop dumping hard now, the news made it through the whole world, everybody who had to panic panicked already. Technically we are seeing a diamond on BTC which is a bearish Yesterday BTC aims towards local support orange line. After trying to attempt this support area we started seeing a nice uptrend. This resistance area marks a critical resistance target. If we close above , we can expect The infamous "Then they fight you" phase started!

Merry Christmas. The 1st gap was D The 2nd gap was D 1st gap x 1. Midterm forecast: While the price is above the support 0. We make sure when the resistance at 0. If the support at 0. Technical analysis: While the RSI downtrend 1 is not broken, bearish wave in price would continue.

A peak is Key patterns to look for when attempting to gain insight into potential future price action. Videos only. This time it's different. ETH to the moon?

LTCUSD Crypto Chart

BTC dominance has been breaking all resistance even when BTC broke ATH altcoins are still struggling. traditional investors joined the Crypto Market and since then they are controlling the Bitcoin price which resulted in huge depreciation to ALTs Price and Market Cap. some good project did have some nice runs but 80% ALTs are still underwater. Ethereum is the first choice of every trader after BTC. CME will launch ETH Futures on 8 February and this is huge news for ETH. ETH mainnet is successfully launched and many exchanges started the ETH staking pools. We will see a shortage of market supply and the demand increase as ETH futures launch on the CME exchange. BTC, LTC and other Altcoins are following , Chart Pattern. If Bitcoin break all time high, Co-relation to it other Top Volume coins will break the records. Possible outcome for LTC > First TP = $ > Second TP = $ (move SL to $) > Final Outcome = $ Target Time = 2~4 month. Tags:Bitcoin profit thelen, Trading arbitrase bitcoin, Cme group bitcoin trade, Uk regulated bitcoin broker, Bitcoin trading api

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