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Btcusd kraken tradingview

No fancy analysis here, just a general observation of the strong support zones cryptos have been unable to break down in recent months. Here the BTC/CAD chart from Kraken, showing many long candle wicks dipping down below and being quickly bought up. Other BTC charts have a similar look. For longer term HODL positions, I'm accumulating now. View live Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. BTCUSD Weekly Report: trend between 14NovDec Weeky point Max Weekly point Min The prediction for next week between Dec Consideration at Long Week trend: RSI Line in zone overbought and MACD signal in zone overbought Preferred point in uptrend, if is still support look for target and The preferred point in.

Btcusd kraken tradingview

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar (BITSTAMP:BTCUSD) — TradingView

Breakdown of trend-line that failed to act as support. Here we go. Merry Christmas Eve Everybody! Wanted to make sense of the market situation myself after the SEC kind of spoiled the last couple of days. Bitcoins appears to be breaking out above here soon and deliver the main Christmas present being market uptrend stability. Ethereum is climbing towards it last big break out trying to Price bouncing off trendline and horizontal support. AO indicator printing successive green bars from below.

Stop loss set just below support. Grandmas cookies Bullish to me based on this 4H chart. There might be a possible breakout of this price. MACD indicator is bullish. It all depends on Bitcoin right now.

Historicamente el mes de Diciembre ha sido un buen mes para comprar ETH, ha demostrado ser el suelo de los retrocesos y el comienzo de 3 movimientos alcistas, creo que por los fundamentales y el gran interes que ha despertado podriamos estar esperando un buen ano para el crecimiento de ETH y nuestros portafolios, cuentame tu opinion, crees que habra primero Videos only. Please, support this video with like and comment.

Seems like it is forming a bear flag right now. A break of the flag to the downside for confirmation. If you are not subscribed yet then please feel free to follow my page for daily updates and ideas. Thank you It means a lot to us! However , the pair found the Local Support level which is being tested now. The 50 ma together with Stochastic deep oversold suggest the price can bounce from it one more time , thought I expect another pullback from the Downtrend.

What could cause the next sell off? New virus mutations 2. No stimulus deal 3. Looming eviction crisis 4. Valuation concerns and earnings miss 5. Technical bearish divergence look at all previous similar set ups on the chart 6. Possibility of Govt shut down 7. Cyber security breach. What news can come from it?

Trump and recent Iran tensions If any or Bearish Butterfly. You'll thank me later, good luck everyone! Wait for a correction before big move :. Title says it all. Looking like alts could be testing ATH sometime soon.

Left Picture is money coming into alts and right is BTC. Not gonna wait for some news crashing the market. We are in spectacular times! I am a bit of a narcissistic sociopath. I'm also a huge hearted hippy with a big perspective on the world.

After the election, i proposed that it was likely that Trump would work to let the us economy crash and burn with malicious intent. His ego is the only thing he has left, after a lifetime A very important long-term pattern was just formed on Copper. Last time that happened was in August In the last few days the SPX Elliott Wave pattern appears to be a series of one's and two's up which is the prelude to a strong move up. Each of the prior declines bottomed at or very close to Fibonacci support.

Post Christmas trading for US stocks is usually bullish. I thought it would be interesting to plot the upcoming convergence of gallactic events happening for the new year. I follow these things pretty closely because I find they do have an effect on market sentiment and human psychology. Something interesting to note is what happened on the Winter Soltice. Since I have been following these universal events, I have not A candlestick is a type of price chart used in technical analysis that displays the high, low, open, and closing prices of a security for a specific period.

It originated from Japanese rice merchants and traders to track market prices and daily momentum hundreds of years before becoming popularized in the United Session Volume HD was created to add a new level of detail and precision to studying price and volume for each session of trading.

Session Volume HD dynamically adjusts to show you more data as you zoom in and out of the chart. Think of Session Volume HD like a magnifying glass for studying volume and price. What price levels are attracting the most trading Everybody wants to get rich.

But not many from us know what it takes. In this article let's discuss Investing income from annual percentage yield APY.

Key point is the percentage of income can be different from your location, but lets make our calculations from 8. Why this strategy is Affordable for ALL? The infamous "Then they fight you" phase started! Merry Christmas. Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas! It's not a bad idea to have another window up with the 3h, 6h and 12h time frames as well. What do yall think? Let me know how likely it is for Bitcoin to hit this kind of price action Happy Holidays!!! Hello everyone In my previous analysis even though I am bearish in bigger picture..

However in 1 hour time frame we could have a breakout that could lead to a new high Price stuck inside a triangle.. Price broken triangle but need to close above green line and same time Green line need to hold as support..

Yesterday BTC aims towards local support orange line. After trying to attempt this support area we started seeing a nice uptrend. This resistance area marks a critical resistance target.

If we close above , we can expect

The fastest way to follow markets BTCUSD Crypto Chart

BTCUSD Weekly Report: trend between 14NovDec Weeky point Max Weekly point Min The prediction for next week between Dec Consideration at Long Week trend: RSI Line in zone overbought and MACD signal in zone overbought Preferred point in uptrend, if is still support look for target and The preferred point in. The top three cryptos: BTC, ETH, and XRP are today's topic of discussion after the SEC dropped the XRP news. Everyone on Twitter is picking each other apart and calling each other names, with the instigator being none other than Brad himself trying to front run the SEC lawsuit news. TradingView UK. View live XBT / USDT chart to track latest price changes. XBT / USDT KRAKEN. Follow Following Unfollow Trade now. Prev. Open. Volume — Day's Range. Prev. Open. Volume — Day's Range. Trade now Follow Following Unfollow. Overview. Ideas Technicals. XBTUSDT Crypto Chart. Ideas. Videos only. btcusd. XBTUSDT, Long. Tags:Bitcoin longest bear market, Best trading company for bitcoin, How do you buy bitcoin on the stock market, Safest bitcoin trading app, Website to trade bitcoin

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