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Bitcoin trader to follow on twitter

Dec 16,  · Above $20, Bitcoin Trading To An All Time High The new high for the cryptocurrency was reached after it jumped % to move as high as $20, Updated: December 16, PM IST. Jan 02,  · Here is a list of 20 Bitcoin experts you should be following on Twitter. 1. Roger Ver. Also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, Roger Ver is a well-knwon Bitcoin angel investor and cryptocurrency evangelist. Soon after Bitcoin’s creation, Ver invested over a million dollars into new Bitcoin startups like Blockchain, Ripple and BitPay. 2. Erik Voorhees. 2 days ago · Nick Core (@Crypto_core) is another popular bitcoin trader who shares trading ideas on Twitter regularly to his 35, Twitter followers. Core’s analysis can be routinely seen on the website and his market watch is for members only. The trader is also featured on Youtube, Twitch, and Tradingview as well.

Bitcoin trader to follow on twitter

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BitcoinMoney is the account for the site of the same name. Exchanged person-to-person over the internet. The account has over 4, followers. BitcoinOz is the account for the Australian website Bitcoin Oz , which covers bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and also provides public relations for bitcoin businesses. The Twitter account has over 15, followers and has posted over 17, tweets.

Bitrific tweets about bitcoin insights and ideas. With more than 1, followers, this account covers discussions about general economics, YouTube videos, hacker news and updates from the Mt. Gox exchange. Blockchain is the account for Blockchain. The Twitter account has over 2, followers. It has over 1, followers and over 11, tweets. Btcprice tweets real-time bitcoin price updates from the Mt.

Gox exchange every 15 minutes. A complement to Bitrific , it currently has followers. CharlieShrem is the handle for the CEO of Bitinstant , a payment processor for bitcoin exchanges and merchants. Crypto twitter is one of the most dynamic and engaging online communities you can find.

Not willing to put in that time? These are all accounts that have been active since long before the crypto bubble.

These people have already made their fortune and it comes through in their tweets. All funny, some with darker humor than others. Legendary altcoin miner. Will help you stay ahead of the curve on potential new opportunities.

Big fan of Dragonchain. Follow for intelligent discussion of high-level trading concepts and timely retweets of the Chicago police scanner. Consistently ridiculous. These people head up some of the most important businesses and organizations in the cryptocurrency space.

His company is the leading producer of Bitcoin mining hardware in the world. Likely has control over more hashing power than any other human on earth. Early Bitcoin investor. Influential within a number of companies via his firm DigitalCurrencyGroup. Communications director for Coincenter, the cryptocurrency policy think tank. Quite possibly the most powerful voice for crypto in Washington D. Good resources for filtering out the BS that is spouted by much of crypto twitter.

Caused a month-long bull-run by fulfilling a crypto twitter prophecy. Core developer for privacy coin Monero. Streetwear aficionado. Cryptographer who invented the Hashcash protocol. Hashcash was cited in the Bitcoin white-paper by Satoshi Nakamoto as an influence for the proof-of-work algorithm that powers bitcoin.

Lead developer of Ethereum. Active Twitter feed full of casual and technical discussion surrounding Ethereum and many other projects in the space. Make sure you know that or he may yell at you. Early Bitcoin core contributor. Strong opinions on crypto and tech in general. Another long-time Bitcoin Core contributor. Critical commentary on Bitcoin and, sporadically, traditional Roman Catholicism.

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The Bitcoin Trader Erik Voorhees

Dec 16,  · Above $20, Bitcoin Trading To An All Time High The new high for the cryptocurrency was reached after it jumped % to move as high as $20, Updated: December 16, PM IST. Feb 01,  · Top 10 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Experts to Follow on Twitter and Facebook Published on February 1, at am by Madison Morgan in Lists Share Tweet Email. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more. Tags:Top 10 bitcoin trading sites, Tradingview mda btc, Bitcoin market capitalization 2017, Btc black market, Buy and sell bitcoins for profit

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