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Bitcoin deposit 5dimes

Deposit Bitcoin withdraw cash 5dimes is decentralized The art of trading is to end when a crypto is in breathe logical relation and when it reached the natural depression after rising. What is easy to say in retroactive is axerophthol hard question in the present, which . Bitcoins (BTC) are a form of digital public money; in essence, electricity converted into long strings of code that have a monetary value. You can now deposit to 5Dimes using this method. The minimum deposit amount accepted in BTC is the equivalent of $ The maximum deposit amount in the cashier is the equivalent of $10, 5Dimes bitcoin deposit. Cash app closed my account that was my way of adding funds for my 5dimes account. Any other app or site I can buy bitcoin and deposit or withdraw to and from 5dimes. 29 comments. share. save. hide. report. 91% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Bitcoin deposit 5dimes

My (horrible) experience with : sportsbook

I mainly use my computer with Bitcoin and Electrum has been pretty great. Nice full featured open source Bitcoin wallet. For iOS I like Copay over breadwallet because you can choose what transaction fee to use so if you need to get coin confirmed quickly to place a bet for example you won't be at the mercy of whatever transaction fee breadwallet has chosen for you.

Copay also has an iPad version unlike breadwallet. On Android Mycelium gets my vote as well. I assume the awesome lines on 5D are a direct result of them making money other ways through shady practices. Well to be fair, I used them for years without any sort of issue. This is a relatively recent event that happened to me. During the election, three different prop bets were decided and left up on the site.

If anyone bet on them after that, their asshole manager Tony suspended the account and froze all the money. They make a fucking mistake and punish you for it. Whose job is it to take a bet down, and monitor results?

The customer, or the casino? Everytime I try to talk to them, they say I have to chat with Tony. Behind a computer screen this Tony is a real tough guy, calling me names, daring me to do something about it. Did you deposit with bitcoin? It's unfortunate that they still log that information if you're only operating in bitcoin.

I was on the fence about betting right up until the last minute before kickoff, and didn't have time to create a bitcoin account so just winged it.

Never again. Why go through all the work of making a blackchain account and coinbase etc when you just deposit with an AMEX card? Because as I understood, they have a minimum payout amount when you deposit with an AMEX, and the only alternative was to eventually receive a check which takes forever.

Creating a blockchain account was actually the easiest step of this entire convoluted process. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They will go insolvent and declare bankruptcy sooner rather than later. No sportsbook with positive cash flow tries to make it hard for the average 50 dollar bettor to withdraw.

They must be hemorrhaging money. I wouldn't be surprised if 5dimes themselves are abusing credit card numbers with official backing from Tony. I have not played there in over a year but the card I used to deposit there a while ago recently picked up fraudulent charges. If you want to take advantage of their reduced juice, be my guest, but don't keep big money there too long or it will disappear overnight. Sounds like a whole bunch of people including myself are getting hit right now from the fraudulent charges.

Used them like once a year or two back. Going through fraud on my card too smh. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it was much much worse considering the things I've heard about their "management". Bovada doesn't have the best lines, but they are the most secure and professional. I had an issue with them and a Trump bet that proved to be correct and month after the election and they resettled the bet. I simply wouldn't trust 5dimes at this point It takes 48 hours for "review".

Review-my-ass, if after those 48 hours I place a bet boom, they just finished reviewing my account and have fount that I don't have enough funds because it's in my wager. And there's no way the degen in me can not bet for 48 hours. It's either that or withdraw tiny amounts at a time. Haha fair, but at least they don't sell customer data to Chinese criminal syndicates My bitcoin withdrawals now settle in a few hours with Bovada.

True true. So does it normally take like 3 hours or 24 hours. I really want to go back to bovada because of their casino option and their live play. I've never had to use an ID or anything Be careful with that casino! Zero issues here with 5dimes. Have done bitcoin deposit and withdrawals and also deposited via CC. I guess I am in the minority. Got a call last week from my bank saying someone called in and changed my phone number.

They knew my card number, expiration date, security digits, home address, last 4 of SS, and more. This is the only website I've ever given that card info to. Bank said it sounded suspicious because they had no indication that I had moved recently and the caller had a heavy accent. TLDR, cancel your card before the headaches start. I've been supporting 5dimes for a few years now and would tell everyone about them if they asked where to get the good lines at.

Absolutely love the freedom you have when it comes to lines. I am working through the claims process now with Wells Fargo. I don't want to deal with Bitcoin though so I am a bit worried about finding a replacement book.

What is this I keep hearing about immediate BTC payouts? It's been over 24 hours and still pending for me. When I call customer service, they simply tell me that it'll take up to 48 hours to process, and potentially longer. Thats just not true with 5dimes. It specifically says hours when you go through that process. This sucks to hear another fraud story with 5 dimes. I read online somewhere that bookmaker. I love 5Dimes myself, but I never gave them my credit card info. I deposited cash via Moneygram years ago and withdraw cash once in a while.

Works great for me. This is how I've done it too --cash via Moneygram, never a problem. Is that how it worked for you? I am kind of sketched out by the other thread links up top by the mod. I deposited with bitcoin but they have my address on file. I will watch creditkarma or other sites that watch your credit more closely to see if someone tries to open up something in my name.

I just spoke to customer support and I asked if I need to verify anything with my account when withdrawing bitcoin. He said no, there is a 10k max per payout subject to availability, possibly higher if you need and that I would need to verify the bitcoin address receiving the funds through the confirmation email.

Do you think they are lying? I think they don't like people who withdraw in bitcoin when they deposit with something else. Maybe if I withdraw I won't have to verify any other personal documents.

Everyone: if you really want 5dimes lines, do NOT use credit card for payouts or deposits. Their entire system seems to be compromised and as soon as you share your card number you're virtually guaranteeing that someone will try a fraudulent charge.

If you have given 5dimes any credit card info in the past, I highly recommend reporting the card stolen it essentially is at this point. But if you read the recent complaints including this thread you replied to , 5Dimes will only let you withdraw bitcoin after you've gone through an authorizarion process, which includes CC info. My moneys already in their account, so I'm just going to keep betting with it. I'm not worried because of bank's fraud protection, and ill just cancel my card when necessary.

This guy deposited with his amex, of course they are going to make him validate it if he tried to withdraw winnings same day. If not everyone would just use stolen cards and then withdraw to btc. The issue op is bringing up is the fraudulent charge. I'm shared this before, but I think people want to know. I played with 5D long time ago and then let me account go idle. When BTC became an option, I tried to create a new account but they flagged me as having a preexisting account so I just reactivated it.

I deposited with BTC. Lost it all. Deposited again. No problem. No ID information needed. Then I went to cash out and they blocked me. Asking me for extensive ID. I was a little nervous but I sent it. Since then I have cashed out over and over with no problems via BTC. Their reduced juice lines are good and then have good live betting. I also play on Nitro. Lines are more expensive and crappy live bet options. In fact, they often don't even have standard halftime betting.

Still, I like both 5D and Nitro and it's profitable to shop lines. Yeah sorry I saw that further down in the comments. I'm not defending 5D but there's way more to be learned from this post than just to stay away from that site. First of which is why are you depositing minutes before kickoff and betting your entire deposit with the intention of withdrawing it only to deposit again for next week's games?

They obviously know how to use Reddit, why are you betting online without first using the wealth of knowledge found here? You at least would have known about the issues with 5D and credit cards I am not a gambler, but had a strong gut feeling that Green Bay would win. I was reading about 5dimes prior to kickoff and it sounded like a viable option. At that point I didn't have hours, days or weeks to mull over the decision.

I did not intend to bet again this week, as I've mentioned I'm not a gambler. I simply placed a small bet on the team that I expected to win, and went from there. It's not that difficult to understand. Use Bovada. Lines are not the best that are available out there, but I've been a bovada user for about 10 years and have never had one problem withdrawing any amount of money.

Checks take 2 weeks tops, bitcoin took 1 day. No questions asked either. There are other options besides Bovada and 5Dimes. Why would you want to use the book that has the worst odds and highest juice and it's not even close? Are there any other good one's you can use in the US that you recommend?? I highly recommend a combo of Heritage and BetOnline. Between these two books, you can get some of the most competitive lines for almost all sports eSports is one of the few weak links.

It's really tough to beat Heritage's low vig option. Let me know if you have any other questions. I've used many online books extensively. Just a personal preference because I have been with them so long and never had any problems. Also having Poker was a huge bonus for me but now that they have switched over their Poker software, I don't use Bovada as much because of the line discrepancy.

I've been impressed with Bovada's use of bitcoin. For just recreational betting, they're probably great. If you're looking to beat the book though, it's not necessarily the best place to do it.

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5dimes Bitcoin deposit after 3 days: I would NEVER have thought that! Make sure,that it is enclosed to factual Perspectives of People is. The result from this is still very much attractive and like me mention to the at the wide Mass - accordingly also on Your person - applicable. Bitcoins (BTC) are a form of digital public money; in essence, electricity converted into long strings of code that have a monetary value. You can now deposit to 5Dimes using this method. The minimum deposit amount accepted in BTC is the equivalent of $ The maximum deposit amount in the cashier is the equivalent of $10, Did you deposit with bitcoin? I haven't touched 5dimes because of the CC fraud but it's weird that they ask for your license/CC when withdrawing with btc. It's unfortunate that they still log that information if you're only operating in bitcoin. Tags:Bitcoin platform in singapore, Best platform for buying bitcoin uk, Btc swift market, Turtle trading rules bitcoin, Trade bitcoin for ripple on kraken

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